“As a team, we are changing the culture of breast imaging from ‘what is’ to ‘what should be’.” Miranda Polselli, Director

3D Mobile Mammography is saving the lives of women by bringing advanced 3D Mammography Technology throughout Florida for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer.

3D Mobile Mammography is a service by MammoLink®

3D Mobile Mammography

Bringing Advanced 3D Mammography Technology to You

Bringing advanced 3D Mammography to you

One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime and eight out of nine women diagnosed with Breast Cancer have no family history. A 3D Mammogram can be the single most important factor in surviving this disease because early detection saves lives. 3D mammography is the newest FDA-approved advancement leading to better cancer screening and detection. This procedure allows the breast to be viewed in many thin slices, which can then be combined into a 3D picture that the radiologist can scroll through. The final results give Dr. Polselli a clearer picture of what is going on beneath the surface. 

3D mobile mammography Coach

Our Bus is Equipped With:

  • A new Hologic Dimensions 3D Breast Screening and Breast Diagnostic System
  • A new Mindray Advanced Breast Ultrasound System
  • Two private changing rooms adjacent to the mammography suite with a private entrance for your exam
  • A restroom
  • A large and spacious sitting room allowing for five patients comfortably
  • A dynamic and groundbreaking networking system coupled with innovative SpaceX Starlink technology empowering Dr. Ryan Polselli to interpret mammograms and diagnostics in real-time allowing most patients same day results
  • Mammograms and diagnostics are interpreted by Fellowship Trained Breast Imaging Radiologist, Dr. Ryan Polselli
  • Technologists are experienced and certified in 3D Mammography, 3D Diagnostic, Breast Ultrasound and work hand in hand with Dr. Polselli
  • A Patient Portal allowing patients 24/7 access to their medical records to view images, reports, communications, and print medical records

“Wherever you decide to get your screening mammogram, make sure the facility is using 3D technology and always check to make sure the Radiologist interpreting your breast exam is a Fellowship Trained Breast Imaging Radiologist. Earlier detection can save your life.” Dr. Ryan Polselli

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3D Mobile Mammography Patient Care Promise

3D Mobile Mammography uses only 3D mammography technology and all mammograms and diagnostics will be

interpreted by a Fellowship Trained Breast Imaging Radiologist.

3D Mobile Mammography provides  annual screening mammograms for ladies who present no current symptoms. Ladies 40 and older, a referral is not required and ages 35 to 39, a referral is required. If you are presently experiencing breast symptoms such as pain, nipple changes or nipple discharge, please do not wait until your next appointment, contact your physician as soon as possible.

3D Mobile Mammography provides diagnostic services for ladies seen during prior 3D Mobile Mammography events.